Welcome @ NMAPictures!

We offer contemporary solutions for your projects with event film, event photography, TV productions, conceptional design and editing. New Media Art Pictures was founded in 2004 and offers comprehensive service with competent knowledge.

We work closely with the needs of the customer. Your individual needs are our strengths!

High quality movie shots, attractive films and goal-oriented results make us your film & photo service provider.

We offer a wide range of formats, such as  Event Film, Company Portraits, Instructional Film,  and event photography.

Our Event films entertainingly present the customer’s event on a 2-5 minute presentation. The film is normally accompanied by music and we take care of the licenses. The length of the film can vary, depending on the event and the wishes of the customer.

The cutting and editing of the film can also be done on site. We are able to be at any location and can bring our equipment to a location abroad.

Take a picture of your company! We put your company in perspective and create an individual business card for your company.

Our specialist team can be internationally assigned, in particular in Spanish speaking areas. For example, film clips of hotels or resorts can portray a dream destination and give the customer a first impression.

We work professionally and discreetly. During an event, the cameras will never be in the foreground. It is important for us to work inconspicuously while catering to the individual needs of the customer.

We are very team oriented.

It is important for us to discuss ideas with the customer and to offer solutions. We are always open to change and suggestions, in order to produce a very good product.

We look forward to working with you and would be pleased to give you further information, please contact me: